Friday, February 10, 2017

Future Goals and Dreams

My main future goal in life is to be successful. Achieving success is different for each and every person because we don't all want the same thing in life. Every person has different views on what it's like to be successful, for some its simple, to be happy, although to that person being happy might not be that simple. For some it could be as difficult as being the first human to step on Mars. For me, the first step to achieving my personal view on success would be to experience all, if not, most of my dreams. Throughout life my dreams may change, but that's just how life goes. My ultimate dream in life is to play college basketball. Basketball has always been my favorite sport, so I would love having the chance to play in college somewhere. While pursuing my dream of playing college basketball, I want to become a Neonatal Nurse. I've wanted to be a Neonatal Nurse ever since I learned about them in 4th grade. I would also like to travel the world to different countries. The two main places I want to travel to is somewhere in Africa and Australia because I have always had an interest in those specific continents. In Africa I would most likely want go to Zambia because of how beautiful the landscape is. I'm not too sure where I'd go in Australia but it seems like there are a lot of different things to see there. To travel explore anywhere in the world would be amazing. But mostly, I just want to be content with myself and what I have achieved in life.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

About Me

My name is Camrin Dolcini and I am 15 years old. I live in the victorian village of Ferndale, California. I play many sports including Basketball, Soccer, and Track. My favorite sport would most likely be basketball. I love to run therefore I am always playing sports. I have one sister who is 17 years old, her name is Hailey, my mother's name is Kalynn and my father's name is Robert. We have 2 dogs, a beagle and a cockapoo (cocker spaniel and poodle mix). My favorite subject is math and this year I am taking Algebra 2. I love hanging out with friends and always have fun doing so.  I look forward to meeting you and making new friends!